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DIY $3.00
Don’t you just hate all the mail cluttered on your kitchen counter? I do. So project organization has started. I needed a large wall mount letter organizer that I can put my mail in rather than setting them on the kitchen counter. Keeping the shabby chic theme, this is what I came up with.

For $3.00 and some hand on items the shabby chic letter organizer was created.

Items you will need from Dollar Tree:

3 Magnetic Caddys - found in the school supplies section

On Hand Items:

Regular Glue
Spray Paint - any color, I used Light Sage (please note that regular paint may chip away from the plastic over time to avoid chipping use Krylon fusion for plastic paint or primer)
Industrial or Super Strength Adhesive (E-600 works great)
Piece of Wood Board at least 6.5 inches wide and 2 feet long (I used Plywood (T-1-11) 7.5 inches and 2.8 feet wide left over from siding construction, you can also ask the managers at home depot or lowe’s to see if they have random pieces of wood for a discounted price or free)
Glaze or Acrylic Paint - any color
Decorative Punch
Card Stock
Remove the magnets from the caddys, save for another project. Spray paint the caddys and wood with your color choice. Let completely dry.
In the mean time, print your labels. Any color or font that you like. I used AdineKirnberg-S, size 200 in black. Measure the size of the caddy and cut out the label. Use a decorative punch to add that shabby chic lacy look. I used Martha Stewart’s Scroll Heart Deep Edge Punch. Once all labels are cut to size, brush the entire back of the label with regular glue and adhere them to the caddys. Let dry.
Attach the caddys to the wood board with industrial glue (E-600), I also nailed the caddys in the corners with a small nail for extra security. Mine are 11.5 inches apart, but they can be closer together. Add extra decorative cutouts to the end of the wood to bring the look together. Let dry overnight, I also put a small book on each caddy to weigh them down while they dry.
Finally, for the glazing brush on glaze (if you don’t have glaze, you can mix 2 parts acrylic paint to 1 part water, it works just as well) and dab excess glaze off with a damp cloth or paper towel until you reach the desired look. Let dry. Attach a hanger to the back, you can use a saw tooth hanger, picture wire or any other hanger. And you are done.