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A few months ago, I bought a few of these metal sunflower “welcome” hangers at the Dollar Tree. You can get pretty cool metal garden decor at dollar stores. I had these laying around since spring. I knew I wanted to make something with them, but the inspiration hasn’t hit me until now.
Materials Needed:

5 Metal Sunflower Hangers from Dollar Tree (look for them when they put spring merchandise out)
Piece of wood (I had a random 1 x 3 x 24 inch furring strip left over from another project)
Spray Paint (any color)
Rust Antiquing Solution Set (available at Michael’s or other craft store)
Paint Brush or Sponge
Hammer and Small Nails
Prepare the metal sunflowers and wood furring strip for painting and remove the “welcome” hanger.
Once completely dry, you are ready to rust. Note: I used gloss paint only because I had it on hand but next time I would use satin or flat for this project.
Step 1 - apply iron paint where you want rust. Let dry. Step 2 - Apply rust solution to the surface. Let dry for a few hours.
After a few hours of letting it sit outside. WOW. I never worked with the rust solution before. And, I like it.
Slightly bend the ends of the petals to create character. I used pliers but the metal is soft and bendable enough that you can use your hands. Also, bend the inner layer of petals upward to create a “cup”. This will act as the votive holder and it will hold a standard glass votive holder, tea light or a 2” pillar candle.

Final Step - Nail the sunflowers to the furring strip. Make sure that you use nails that won’t go through your wood base. And, you are done. I love the rusty look and the size of this candle holder. It is slim enough to place in the middle of a table or on a fire place mantle.

Rusted Sunflower Candle Holder