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I am already thinking about Thanksgiving Dinner. Composing a menu and finding out everyone’s plans this year so that I know who’s coming over for dinner and who is not. I picked up a couple of bags of these mini foam pumpkins from the dollar store because I loved the deep rust orange color. Initially, my plans for them was to make a pumpkin garland (which, I still may). But I needed place card holders for the dinner table, you know you need to tell people where to sit, right? So here they are, super cute, easy, inexpensive and can be used for years.
Things you will need:

Foam Pumpkins $1.00 for six
Floral Wire $1.00
Wire Cutters
Round Nose Pliers

1. Cut 6 5” pieces of floral wire.
2. Make a small loop with the round nose pliers.
3. Roll the wire about three or four times and bend it down to make a pin.
4. Remove the stem and place the pin into the pumpkin, you want it as close to the hole where the stem goes so it is balanced and it won’t topple over. Insert the stem back to its original place. Insert place cards and that’s it.