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These gorgeous monogrammed napkin ties are easy and inexpensive to make and look amazing. With about half hour of your time and a few items from  the dollar store you can make these for any occasion. They are sophisticated enough for a dinner party and casual enough for a summer dinner on the patio. And, I just love the personal touch these add to the table setting.
Things you will need from Dollar Tree:
1. Silk Flowers
2. Glass Gems
3. Crossgrain Ribbon
On hand items:
1. Hot Glue Sticks and Gun
2. Ruler
3. Printer and Paper
4. Scissors
Dollar Tree Items: Please note one stem of flowers shown and 4 yards of ribbon makes 8 napkin ties. You will have plenty of glass gems left over for another project. Just keep in mind that you will need two or more bunches of flowers and spools of ribbon if you are making more than 8 ties.
Print the initials that you will need. I used Cotillion Font 40. Pick out the glass gems that you want to use for each initial, the gems vary slightly in shape and color. You can buy glass gems that are all the same color if you’d like.
Place the glass gem over the initial and trace around it. Cut out the initial and place a drop of hot glue on the paper. Place the glass gem over the hot glue immediately. Cut off any excess paper that is visible around the edges.
Cut the flowers from the stems as close as possible, so its flush.
Glue the glass gems in the center of each flower.
Lightly wrap the monogrammed tie around the napkin anyway that looks good to you. It is very versatile, see bottom images for additional ideas.
Cut eight 18 inch pieces of ribbon and glue each flower in the center of the ribbon.